The Helpmeet. The Mentor

Of all of life’s quests, one of the most important is life is the quest of self discovery. From the day we were born, we have been on a path of self discovery. It’s a question on the lips of every man..who am I?

It has been said that the seed is a forest but I say that the seed can die as a seed if never planted in the right soil.

The vision of GodsOwnDiva Club is to mentor the next generation…our coming together is for that purpose…but how can we mentor the generations coming if we never discover who we are?

Who are we really? As women? In a bid to answer that question, we have looked at our beginning and our origins as captured by the Almighty God, our maker in the book of Genesis 2.

We looked into our beginning as we saw again, that we were made out of man and we were called “Helpmeet”. Our wiring, our make up, our engineering and our design is to help our man fulfill his assignment. What called us forth, what made him incomplete was the assignment he was born to do…and this resulted in the creation of the womb man.

We were made for the completion, the finishing and the perfection of our men. The glory of the female expression is in the completion of our man, released in different manifestations and dimensions as our calling requires.

Then we talked about her Man! Her primary assignment. We talked about how important it is that our man discovers his assignment himself before we join ourselves to him. If a man doesn’t understand his assignment, it means we have nothing to help him do and that can frustrate the grace of God on we said..if that’s your case, Pray! “Lord help my man discover his assignment”!

We then looked at her poison! This “loaded creature ” of God that had the power to turn the whole program of God upside down by giving her husband the forbidden fruit!!!! If she doesn’t have poison them who does? A woman can derail destiny…if she could do it for humanity, you better watch out what you can do! Don’t feed your poison..Kill it instead!

If the woman is properly enlightened to know who she is, to understand that she is connected to the fulfillment of her man, to know that she is born to help him and not to compete with him…If she knows that her gifts and talents were put their to help accomplish an assignment in God, if she knows that her strength, grace and gifts are directly connected to the magnitude of the dreams God placed in her man….if she knows that she can help to kill as well as help to make alive, that she can make or mar….If we all know these things – not as head knowledge – but as practical working knowledge…will the next generation not automatically be better?

Even if we never step into schools, wouldn’t we have succeeded in mentoring a whole generation? We are going to schools, don’t get me wrong but we must realise that these casual meetings are living altars In themselves..and they have the capacity to change a whole generation if the correct “food” is served!

Why is there a need to re-mentor? What happened to the old mentors? What did they teach us that we haven’t taught the ones coming? What went wrong?

Our mothers, sisters, aunties and friends- did they not teach us well or not? Or did we abandon their wisdom for that of the TV mentors – the actresses, musicians and pop stars? Or was their wisdom insufficient? What did they not know or what have we refused to pass down that is causing the earth to cry out for a need to re-mentor?

Could it be that we didn’t understand our purpose in full? Could it be that we understood it up to a point and it’s not good enough? Or could it be that we never bothered to try? With these questions, what makes us feel we are ready to go out there? Are we ready? Is it about going or going well? Is it about action now or having results to show the Master, the One who called us, our audience of One?

How can we show the way when our view of the way is tainted?

We have all been products of different backgrounds and different influences and this plays a major role on what we believe.All this tie back to the beginning of our discourse. Self Discovery.

If we don’t know who we are, we cannot mentor the generation that is to come. Thats why we studied the HELPMEET because this is the basis of who we are!

by TiO Akomolede

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