Divas & Daises Conference UK 2016

Woop Woop! The GodsOwnDiva Train is moving 💃🏽 to the United Kingdom this year 2016!! Yes it is .. Kicking off in Rochester, Kent, sone young girls are about to have another super GodsOwnDiva experience! -#TGBTG!!

Are you a young girl, searching for the you within? Do you want to be the best that you can be yet be relevant in the world in which you live?

Do you feel greatness within but somehow can’t seem to express it? Are you struggling with questions that you sometimes feel too shy to express?

Well this event is just for you!

Powered by the GodsOwnDiva Club, A Daises Day Out is a relaxed Talk & Fun event put together for girls aged 13 – 21

It is Happening at the Hope Centre, Rochester Kent on the 18th of June, 2016 hosted by the The Rock Church!

Calling out to our girls to register and confirm attendance as space is highly limited! And event is free💃🏽

See you there girlfriend! Invite your friends, don’t come alone!

Click here to register!



  1. Yomi Akinyosoye

    We are ready to welcome DDC to our land

  2. Yomi Akinyosoye

    U.K. Divas on your marks get set ooo

  3. Yomi Akinyosoye

    Awesome! #excitedandexpectant!

  4. Also, space is very limited.. Please register now!

  5. Calling on all our Pink Tourmaline Tribe (UK) Members! Let’s do this

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