Welcome to G.O.D!

Now that you’ve signed up, here’s a big welcome to the GodsOwnDiva (G.O.D.) Club!

We are absolutely elated to have you onboard. As you can see on the website, GodsOwnDiva is a morality club made up of a network of women passionate about mentoring the next generation of God’s Leading Ladies.

We are called to affect our generation and the younger generation positively. While we unapologetically stand for godliness, our desire is to show what a true Diva is to the next generation and become the reference point for the upcoming fast e-paced generation that seems lost. We like to say that we are Spiritual and Sparkling, Prayerful and pretty, Godly and Glam, Bold and also Beautiful.

At the core, we are “a stylish yet moral, chastity, virtues emphasizing group for younger women of the coming generation (Junior School, High School, College or in Life’s School)! Our gathering is to teach ourselves and the next generation about the pitfalls of life, the traps, the mistakes to avoid and how to make good decisions to influence your future. So we are calling women of repute, portfolio and style yet spiritual, deep and God fearing to come together for this purpose.

Our outreaches will take various forms but the message is clear – to raise a generation of Divas for God

We have various mentoring, informative, brainstorming, life changing BUT fun club activities planned for each quarter.

For every Club Season, we have:

1. Seven Days of Praise! This is what we do at the beginning of every season. Its very exciting. Join us and find out!

2. After the Days of Praise, the Club Chat Room kicks off proper. There we will review, share, discuss and deliberate of various focus topics week after week.

3. Outreaches of various types depending on what the focus is for the season..

Also, you will get a starter pack delivered at your door. Details of this will be sent to you by email.

Welcome on board and get ready to fly!


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