One Love!

No man, they say is an Island. We all need each other. For too long, women groups or gatherings have been synonymous with various problems and issues. We dare to challenge that here!

Having a strictly enforced rule of “no back talk”, we promote openness, sincerity and plain communication to foster an atmosphere of love, healing and true religion.

At G.O.D, the focus is on helping the next woman, not ourselves. We are here to help the next DIVA become more than she could ever hope to be. We are King-makers, not people struggling to become kings! This is a place of selflessness not selfishness.  If anyone is seeking a place to oppress and lord it over others, then they’ve got the wrong address!!

Knowing always that there is a God-Hole in us all which no one else can fill except the creator of the hole; we have chosen to play our part by trying to nudge every woman who comes our way towards the discovery and actualization of their God-given goals and the true expression of their unique gifting and talents…and possibly to help someone out there experience that touch from the Master!


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