DDC 2015

Its a Wrap! The GodsOwnDiva Club Divas & Daises Conference on the 1st & 2nd of May, 2015 was awesome! 

Daises Day

The conference kicked off on the 1st of May 2015 at The Civic Centre, Victoria Island, Lagos with an “Mentors’ day out with 1000 School Girls”. In attendance were over 600 schoolgirls from Green Springs, Corona, Vivian Fowler and Oxbridge College amongst many others.

Despite the fuel scarcity, the hall was filled and buzzing with school girls yearning for what the event had in store for them. Kitted in the God’s Own Diva Club T-shirts, the event kicked off with Registrations, an Opening Prayer and the National Anthem. A short video presentation “The G.O.D Story”; told by the Visionary TiOluwa Akomolede was played.

One of the Highlights of the event was “The Girls Debate”. Green Springs and Oxbridge Tutorial College debated the topic “Cool Girls Are Bad Girls” while Corona and Cedec School debated the topic “I am who you see on the Outside”. It was an intense competition. All the teams put in their very best, however, the representatives from Green Springs and Corona Schools went home as winners.

Next were the Talk Shows hosted by the G.O.D Visionary, TiOluwa Akomolede. The first session had the guest speakers Omoyemi Akerele and Tope Olagbegi on the topic “Delaying Gratification in Today’s World” touching on issues of virginity, how to say No and learning to wait.

The Second Session had guest Speakers “Dolapo Oni and TY Bello discussing the topic “Discovering Me & Achieving My Dreams focusing on Discovering Purpose & Secrets to being the Next Leading Lady.

The Club Visionary introduced “The Pink Heart” to the girls; explaining the concept behind it being “beauty within” and teaching all the Theme song. The event was wrapped up with the G.O.Daises school club launch! It was a day to remember for the daises..one filled with many beautiful moments…

Divas Ball

A Night with the Mentors’ Mentors held on the 2nd on May 2015 at The Oriental Hotel, Lekki.

The event began with Arrivals and Red Carpet. Everyone looked regal and divalicious in their white attires. The invited speakers Pastor Martha Kure, Reverend Oduyemi, Omothayo Ladipo, Dr. Femi Ogunsanya, Irene Nzimiro, Pastor Jumoke Adeyemi and Pastor Bola Adefarasin were all in attendance. The atmosphere was warm and the air was thick with love – love for mentorship and sisterhood.

Diva TiOluwa Akomolede the Club Visionary gave a welcome address introducing the Speakers and the G.O.D vision.

The worship session was glorious and electrifying. Music was provided by Minister Elizabeth Ola who led everyone into the throneroom of God! What an anointed worshipper she is! We then had Psalmist Daps all the way from Jos taking us into another dimension. Really glorious Session..

The discussion panel was very engaging and insightful. The speakers touched on topics such as Secrets of life, Sex, Marriage, Finding purpose and Passion on the will for mentorship. Deep seated and soul searching questions were asked with very sound counsel provided! Wow! Thankful for Godly mentors!

The event ended with the launch of the God’s Own Dandelions Club with the speakers being the pioneer members.

The events were sponsored was by Brone Energy Group, supported by The Ankara Place, Purple and Pinky Bears, Viola Plus, Latrevo & Haldo Designs and other valued sponsors.

We are thankful to God for a successful event as we look forward to DDC 2016..if the Lord tarries!

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Day 2 – Divas White Ball

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