Lets Give Back 2017

L E T S. G I V E. B A C K.

Your wardrobe is bursting with clothes. There is no more space in your shoe closet. There are so many bags in your room, you don’t quite know what to do with them😊. Your store is full of things you don’t use anymore and you have to plan an “declutter” day

Somewhere, someone cries for food on their table, clothes on their back and shoes on their feet. They don’t even want a bag. A nylon bag will do just fine

So how about this – How about we connect the dots? You send us @godsowndivaclub the things you have and you don’t need or Cash of any amount for us to buy stuff and we give it out to those in need.

For more, Call us
Busayo – 0816 888 0007
Jumoke – 0805 308 4106‬

Gods been faithful to you. Now, It’s time to give something back to those for whom nothing has been prepared. Let’s do this. Let’s Give Back.

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