Who is G.O.D Club?

Who is G.O.D Club?

The Originator, Owner and Inspiration of the GodsOwnDiva Club is God. The club is Gods idea and brainchild.

Having established that, The Pink Hearts Women Initiative a.k.a GodsOwnDiva Club has as its Visionary & Founder, TiO Akomolede .

The Core Team are the ladies who partner with TiO in managing the club. They are Yomi Akiyosoye – Club Strategist/Advsier; Mo Osomo – Club Image Consultant, Jumoke Adigun – the Club Treasurer, Toyin Ashaolu – Club Social Events Coordinator; Funmi Fayose– Club Welfare Coordinator, Tope Akande – Club Secretary , Deo Osinuga – Club Liaison and the Office Administrator, Mercy Eitaio-Alao.

Next in Rank are the Tribe Leaders. They are the group of ladies who head the various tribes of the club and are supported by the over 250 and counting Beautiful volunteer mentors and divas of G.O.D!

One Big Committed Family..changing the world, one woman at a time! #changeagents #womensupportingwomen #godsowndivas #mentorsforlife! #TGBTG

DAY 2 (29)DAY 1 (42)


  1. Dotun Fatinikun

    Get ready divas, this will go far…farther than you can imagine. Our God will hardly take lightly any platform where lives are touched, changed, inspired, motivated or encouraged to affect generations.
    You have been called and you are very much needed… NOW! It’s divine.
    Thank you G. O. D.
    You are loved!!!

  2. We are Gods Own Divas! #teamgodsowndivas

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