Club Outreaches

The G.O.D Club is essentially instituted to mentor and guide the next generation. Where are these “next generation” of women? They are in our universities, our secondary schools and our primary schools. Following from this, it suffices to say that these outreaches are the very core and essence of the G.O.D. Club. Yearly, the G.O.D Club reaches out to students in Universities (Pink Roses), high schools (Blue Daisies) and ┬áPrimary Schools (Golden Starlets) around the nations as permitted. These outreaches are geared toward emphasizing and┬áre-instilling the importance of high moral values while providing career path advisory and personal development tutoring.

Every where we go, we leave a mark behind as we ensure we don’t leave a school the same way we met it. Beyond impacting the lives and the minds of these great leaders of tomorrow, we leave a G.O.D. trademark that makes us impossible to be forgotten. You want to know what it is? Join US and you’ll see!

There’s nothing quite as fulfilling as seeing a life changed, transformed, set aright and put on the right path…and this is what we do during these outreaches. We go out there to show our Pink Roses, Blue daises & our Golden Starlets that “virtuous is cool” and not necessarily boring! We are setting a godly example and a reference point for them…to encourage them and say, Its possible! Join Us & lets do this together!

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