Club Chat Platforms

Our Club Chat Platforms are our very own customized and Propreitary Apps! Wooo! Just Do a search for GodsOwnDiva on Apple Store or Google Play and Boom..You’ll find us!

For more details, click here!

Ladies can join the discussion by logging in to the App with your social media handle – either facebook or Twitter.

In the Chat room, we will be teaching, coaching, learning and acquiring information on various focus topics, starting with the rudiments of mentoring.  This chat room is free and open to all, whatever your circumstances, your background, your faith, beliefs or dispositions.

To join the conversation, please download the App. All you need is a Phone on Android or Apple Platform and with a data connection, you are good to go. Blackberry and Windows users aren’t left out too – download the App from here.

Joining The Team!

If you believe in our vision and you want to take this further by being a part of the inhouse team, then you can simply complete the membership form and get any existing member of the club to verify your identity and who you are.

The Club reserves the right to refuse the invitations of people whose identity or details as provided on the form cannot be verified or for other reasons! So please, fill them correctly!

We are excited about having you here already! See you there…


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  1. Hello. Nice to be on this platform

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    Hello GODs. Great to be here

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