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Divas & Daises Conference UK 2016

Woop Woop! The GodsOwnDiva Train is moving 💃🏽 to the United Kingdom this year 2016!! Yes it is .. Kicking off in Rochester, Kent, sone young girls are about to have another super...


L E T S. G I V E. B A C K.

Your wardrobe is bursting full of clothes. There is no more space in your shoe...


Club Chat Platforms

Our Club Chat Platforms are our very own customized and Propreitary Apps! Wooo! Just Do a search for GodsOwnDiva on Apple Store or Google Play and Boom..You'll find us! For more details, click here! Ladies...

GodsLittleDiva Summer Camp

This is a weekend summer camp designated for the young girls aged 7 - 13 yrs. We call them the "Golden Starlets" - God's Little Divas! At this extremely delicate stage of a...

Club Outreaches

The G.O.D Club is essentially instituted to mentor and guide the next generation. Where are these "next generation" of women? They are in our universities, our secondary schools and our primary schools....

Club Launch

To the glory of God, we kicked off our activities with the Club Launch on the 1st of May, 2014 @ 5pm in the evening!  This was a live streamed event and we had people connect from different parts of the world. It was interesting and Fun…from the odd moments to the exciting times of having people talk about their vision  and passion! Thanks be to God, G.O.D is now launched!

Its a new day friends! So Watch this space! As we launch, we officially begin our campaign to gather and raise the standard, up the bar and change the tides for the next generation of Leading Ladies. We are here to redefine “DIVA”!  As we say, we are beauty with brains; sparkling and spiritual…trendy yet teachable, happy but humble…all for Jesus. We are the GodsOwnDivas..a place where virtue and character, meekness and morals are extolled more than the label you wear.

There’s call we can hear…a voice in the wilderness saying:

Where are the Role Models of today? Where are the women of influence who will take a stand for righteousness? Where are those who will set the pace? Where are the women who care about the younger generation? Where are Gods.Own.Divas?

Do you hear this call? Does it sound like this is you? Complete the form and lets partner together as we take this world for Jesus, one woman at a time!