Every day, as we go through life, we see many people come across our way. Sometimes by accident or by chance but we have come to realise that a little extra smile, a little word of advise, a little act of kindness or a listening ear can make a huge difference in the lives of those around us.

Below are real life testimonies of  people who have benefited one way or the other from the G.O.D. spirit and have left the persons in these situations with a desire to only do more.

Where are the Divas of this generation? Where are the role models and the women of influence who will stand up against immorality in their time?  Where are the examples, the reference points, the women that can show others the way? Those who will redefine the standards, change the status quo? Why are godly women hiding away in their closets, being invisible and caring only about their own while the enemy runs rampage in the society, upturning ideals, destroying values and throwing tantrums while we sit back and watch?

This is the call as I heard it in 2005 during my personal prayer time. This is what birthed the G.O.D. Club..This is why we do this. That day was my own G.O.D. moment..

TiO Akomolede
Club Visionary & Founder

On a rainy March day in the busy city of Lagos Nigeria, I had to stop with my driver at the filling station to get fuel as there was fuel scarcity in town! As I sat down patiently in the car to wait my turn, I saw two secondary school girls walk up to the Pump with jerry cans. I noticed them because I knew at that time, they should still have been in school.

As these girls walked towards the Pump, I noticed some young men who had been loafing aimlessly begin to look with interest at these young girls. Immediately, one of them got up and beckoned to one of the girls. With hesitation, she walked up to him and the guy started to aggressively engage the girl in what appeared to be a boy-girl conversation or invitation. He was drawing very close to her and was touching her. Not sure what was said,  the girl hit the guy’s hand and walked away with the guy in tow..but she snubbed him and he eventually left her.

I ordinarily would ignore this, but I felt the G.O.D. spirit rise up on my inside and I asked the young girl to come. She walked up to my car wondering who was calling. After a few formalities, I spoke to her about the importance of a girl’s carriage and the values she must have as a woman; how she must at all times have a sense dignity and self-worth. I felt very happy doing that. I had a sense of fulfillment, like I had helped a girl avoid future issues. For me, that was my G.O.D defining moment!

Funmilola Fayose
Club Events Manager

A very precious little sister in Christ that I mentor left her home for school in another country. She was a very sheltered Preacher’s kid and on arrival in school, got involved with the wrong crowd. While in school, she lost her virginity, and missed a whole school session in school with her parents back at home completely unaware that she wasn’t attending classes.

She felt dirty, wronged and “devalued” as it were as she felt that she failed her parents. For a long time she carried the guilt around and it dragged her behind educationally, emotionally and spiritually. When she eventually opened up, things had gone wrong but I started to mentor her closely and she has picked herself up again.

She is not yet there but she is much better than who she was. This strengthened my resolve to answer the call for G.O.D. because there are many young women like this out there who could have been and can be saved if they had an avenue that they could turn to to express themselves. I hope to be able to do more for the younger women of my time.

Yomi Akiyosoye
Club Strategist