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Meet the G.O.Ds…


The G.O.D’s are a family of women who have come together for one purpose – to mentor the next generation of Gods Leading Ladies and to be mentored as well!

We say that we are #Spiritual&Sparkling #Godly&Glam #Prayerful&Pretty #Beautiful&Bold #Sensible&Simple #Pure&Proud #Virtuous&Valiant, We are GodsOwnDivas!! 


Vision Familiarisation

Many have asked and wondered, what is the Club all about? Why G.O.D? Well, we thought it best to let you hear it from the horses mouth!

Here is the Club Visioneer, TiO Akomolede with a short explanation on the vision, idea, the spirit and the motivation behind the GodsOwnDiva club.

This is the first of the Four videos for the Mentoring Training for all new Divas to the Club. Enjoy!



Mentoring Class 1

The GodsOwnDiva Club requires every Diva who joins the Club to go through Basic Mentoring Training. We call this the Induction Program! The First Mentoring Class is titled The Holy Spirit, The Master Mentor.

The discussion in this video focuses on the Holy Spirit as the perfect example of a great mentor. Please watch and be blessed!

Mentoring Class II

During the second teaching in the Induction Program for the GodsOwnDiva Club, TiO teaches on a topic titled  “You & I, The Messenger Mentors”!

In this teaching, she draws from the life of the Prophet Elijah and brings out some deep truths that we as mentors are messengers on an assignment commissioned by God Almighty Himself.

Mentoring Class III

In a simple and relatable manner, TiO teaches on the art of mentoring as largely an unconscious art. How our everyday actions and decisions “mentor” other people without our own realization and vice versa.

Delivered with power and passion, this is a must-watch! It is the 3rd and Final session of the Induction program for the GodsOwnDiva Club.