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Mentoring the next generation of women in the frontline

The GodsOwnDiva (G.O.D.) Club is a morality club made up of a network of women in the frontline; passionate about mentoring the next generation of women who desire to be in the frontline! We are all about mentoring! Knowing that the possession of a unique gift doesn't make you immune to problems but rather makes you visibly vulnerable to them, we seek to provide an avenue where women, standing together in Christ can reach out, encourage, share and pray for one another as they go through. If you are searching for that godly example and mentor you can emulate and learn from in Christ, you may have clicked on the right button as this forum provides the atmosphere and avenue to do just that. We live in a fast paced, trail blazing e-world where it has become very important not to learn only from our personal experiences but to learn from the experiences of others. At G.O.D; we learn from our mistakes and our miracles, our highs and lows, our trials and their triumphs, our ups and downs. You can say that we are a group of women who have had real triumphs, real successes, real challenges, real issues and we are passionate enough to not only help prevent the re-occurrence of our mistakes in the lives of others; we want to ensure that we duplicate our successes in others, hoping that by doing so, we may raise champions for Christ. This is who we are. This is what we are about. This is what makes us tick...We are the G.O.D. Club. Welcome to G.O.D!

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